About Neurolumen

Neurolumen LLC was founded in 2008 by Shelly Henry, a chemist-biologist and co-owner of Salus Medical Clinic in Oklahoma City. Her business partner, Doug Durning, has extensive leadership and management experience in a variety of industries.

The Neurolumen device is a product born out of the "necessity is the mother of invention" adage. In Shelly Henry's case, her ingenious solution was based on a simple desire to help heal her daughter. A serious car accident had shattered her daughter's vertebrae, leaving her with a 50-50 chance of walking again. As Shelly watched her struggle with persistent, debilitating pain, she threw herself into a search for alternatives to high doses of pain medication. Shelly's tireless pursuit led first to low-level lasers, then to the revolutionary discovery of multi-modal technologies. The result not only helped her daughter — who's since completely healed and has given birth to her own child — but has proved to be a promising therapy for other pain sufferers as well.

The Neurolumen device is FDA cleared and Intertek certified, and it's anticipated that it will soon be covered by insurance and Medicare. As Neurolumen enters the market, it has already garnered interest and praise: Neurolumen LLC was named 2010 Oklahoma Innovator of the Year by the Journal Record.

Shelly Henry Shelly Henry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry Health Science and has an extensive background in chemistry and laser technology. Her interest in laser technology development was initially inspired by a back injury sustained by her daughter. In September 2005, Shelly began offering laser therapy services in the Oklahoma City area. The Neurolumen device is designed to replace the manual treatment that the clinic is currently providing to patients.

Doug Durning Doug Durning has more than 30 years of leadership experience in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, financial services, information technology and manufacturing industries. He is certified in production and inventory management (CPIM) by the American Production and Inventory Control Society, and has successfully implemented quality management programs that resulted in ISO9001 Quality Certifications. Doug has extensive executive and business management experience ranging from start-ups to large corporations.

Doug holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Management. Additionally, Doug is an airline transport rated pilot, a professional flight instructor, and a certified aircraft mechanic and inspector. Doug served for five years in the United States Air Force and resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.