Neurolumen In The News

Carl Albert High School


Carl Albert High School is the first school in the Oklahoma City area to integrate the Neurolumen device with its training and therapy program.

Business Innovation Journal JustGoodNews Features Neurolumen


Business Innovation, Jobs & Opportunity Journal features Neurolumen and Shelly Henry in July article:

Neurolumen Shines With Pain Management Technology

Neurolumen Featured in Memorial Hermann Video


Ivanhoe Productions segment on Memorial Herman's Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) spotlights the profound influence of Neurolumen treatments as a part of their highly successful program.

Memorial Hermann PaRC Features Neurolumen Treatments

ABC News Spotlights Neurolumen for Drug Rehabilitation Therapy


Houston, Texas ABC News affiliate spotlight story about Neurolumen as a component in the Memorial Hermann Drug Rehabilitation Program.

ABC News In Houston Features Neurolumen Products

ABC News - Houston Features Neurolumen Products For Pain


ABC News affiliate in Houston runs a feature story about Neurolumen's efficacy for pain relief!

ABC News Features Neurolumen

Houston Chronicle News Article - 9/16/2014


Houston Chronicle publishes a front page article detailing the use of our Neurolumen product at the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center.  It is implemented as a crucial component of their treatment program to address chronic pain.

Houston Chronicle September 16, 2014

Memorial Hermann Showcases Neurolumen Device



Neurolumen Therapy Device is a key component of the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center.

Memorial Hermann Press Release

Yukon Review


News 9 Story


Innovator profile: Neurolumen LLC in Oklahoma City


The desire to restore quality of life to people suffering from neuropathy has driven a local woman for years. Now Shelly Henry's work is paying off with the forthcoming manufacture of a medical device that uses low-level lasers to relieve symptoms.