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Veterans finding opioid alternative with Neurolumen


Muskogee Phoenix: Veterans finding opioid alternatives

A veteran who was becoming dependent on opioids for his back pain credits the local VA medical center with weaning him off and finding a successful non-opioid alternative. James Alberty, an Air Force veteran, was taking VA prescribed opioids for lower back pain due to a compression fracture. His use of opioids was “getting pretty bad,” and he asked for help from his medical team at the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center. Alberty was weaned off the drug and provided a non-opioid treatment with Neurolumen. The medical device, which is Food and Drug Administration approved, uses electrical stimulation, cold laser beams and light wavelength to reduce pain.  “The electrical impulses, low level laser and low level light stimulates the nerves to the point where they respond better to the electrical impulses,” said Deborah Morrow, a licensed clinical social worker and pain clinic coordinator at the medical center. Alberty said just one 30-minute session can make all the difference in the world. He works in housekeeping at the medical center, and at the end of some days his back pain, from a scale of one to 10 with 10 being the worst pain possible, is an eight. “After just 30 minutes using Neurolumen my pain can be reduced to a two,” Alberty said. In 2012 just over 31 percent of all active prescriptions were opioid prescriptions, Morrow said, who started tracking those numbers at that time.

Since then, the medical center has been on a concentrated course to reduce the number of opioids prescribed to veterans. This was accomplished by educating veterans and providers on the dangers of opioid addiction and dependency. Veterans were then weaned off their pain medication and introduced to non-drug relief like Neurolumen, tai chi, pain school, using relaxation and mindfulness training and breathing techniques. Pain school is an educational program designed to help patients get basic information on chronic pain management, Morrow said. The school is a walk-in clinic that helps veterans put together a pain management plan. As a result, five years later opioid prescriptions were reduced to 16.55 percent, Morrow said.



Carl Albert High School


Carl Albert High School is the first school in the Oklahoma City area to integrate the Neurolumen device with its training and therapy program.

Business Innovation Journal JustGoodNews Features Neurolumen


Business Innovation, Jobs & Opportunity Journal features Neurolumen and Shelly Henry in July article:

Neurolumen Shines With Pain Management Technology

Neurolumen Featured in Memorial Hermann Video


Ivanhoe Productions segment on Memorial Herman's Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) spotlights the profound influence of Neurolumen treatments as a part of their highly successful program.

Memorial Hermann PaRC Features Neurolumen Treatments

ABC News Spotlights Neurolumen for Drug Rehabilitation Therapy


Houston, Texas ABC News affiliate spotlight story about Neurolumen as a component in the Memorial Hermann Drug Rehabilitation Program.

ABC News In Houston Features Neurolumen Products

ABC News - Houston Features Neurolumen Products For Pain


ABC News affiliate in Houston runs a feature story about Neurolumen's efficacy for pain relief!

ABC News Features Neurolumen

Houston Chronicle News Article - 9/16/2014


Houston Chronicle publishes a front page article detailing the use of our Neurolumen product at the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center.  It is implemented as a crucial component of their treatment program to address chronic pain.

Houston Chronicle September 16, 2014

Memorial Hermann Showcases Neurolumen Device



Neurolumen Therapy Device is a key component of the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center.

Memorial Hermann Press Release

Yukon Review


News 9 Story


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