Product Options

The PN-1000 Standard Kit comes in a durable metal case with a control unit, two dual wraps, two single wraps, a battery charger, and user guide. Each wrap contains two laser diodes, four light emitting diodes and one or two electrolytic stimulation gel pads.

The standard PN-1000 kit

The Basic Kit option offers a cost effective treatment alternative for an individual patient that requires treatment to a limited area. The Basic Kit is available with either a Single Wrap or a Dual Wrap based upon the treatment protocol desired.

Basic Patient Kit with Single Wrap

Basic Patient Kit with Dual Wrap

Expanded Patient Kit with Single & Dual Wraps

Several packaging options are available for our professional customers to facilitate your needs in providing treatments to your patients. These kits are designed to provide both in-house treatment capabilities in addition to providing your patients with the convenience and flexibility of at-home treatments. Each professional package comes with a complimentary startup kit, gel pads, and our proprietary bio-shield covers.

The Basic Professional Package comes with one Standard PN-1000 kit and two Basic Patient kits. This is a great solution for those wishing to get started providing Neurolumen treatments.

Basic Professional Package

The Level 1 Professional Package comes with one Standard PN-1000 kit and three Basic Patient kits. This ensemble provides the ability to offer simultaneous in-clinic and at-home treatment cycles.

Level 1 Professional Package

Your best value is with the Level 2 Professional Package. This option comes complete with 3 Standard PN-1000 kits and 5 Basic Patient kits. That's 8 control units combined with 17 Wraps! Having this capacity for treatments broadens the professional's offering in ways that can dramatically improve productivity.

Level 2 Professional Package

Accessory Startup Kit

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