Neurolumen Testimonials

Memorial Hermann PaRC.

The Neurolumen Story.

I first heard about NeuroLumen when speaking with another doctor from Georgia. He had contacted me in regards to another piece of equipment to use with neuropathy cases. We began to talk and he told me how well the NeuroLumen works. I decided to look into the equipment and liked what I read and the story behind it. Fast forward a few months. NeuroLumen has been a great asset in my practice. I use it for many neuropathy cases, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and general pain. Patients love it! They begin to feel the results in the first couple treatments and results seem to last. NeuroLumen is a great concept. We have laser, IR, and stim, along with other modalities. All work good for certain conditions, but none works as well as NeuroLumen. Combining the three modalities together makes perfect sense and accelerates the healing process. I highly recommend NeuroLumen to anyone who has any type of pain or neuropathy. It is a great tool and can make a big change in patients’ lives.

Todd L. Tyminski, DC, DAAPM

Steve's video testimonial.

What a relief to finally find help for my chronic foot, knee, back and neck pain. After many years of suffering, my pain is finally becoming tolerable after only a few Neurolumen treatments. The treatments have eased the pain considerably. My family and coworkers have noticed a positive difference in my posture and demeanor after starting the treatments. I had abandoned exercise because of the extra pain, and am now gradually working back into a more active life. What a blessing after thinking for so long that no help was available except medication.

Linda R

Christian's Story.

Hi, my name is Amelia. I have had scoliosis in the upper part of my back since I was 12 years old. I have been to several doctors, tried pain medication, pain patches, gone to therapy of all kinds and nothing helped my everyday aches and headaches. A friend of mine told me about Neurolumen and I thought "why not give it a try". To my surprise it actually works. I rarely have headaches and the inflammation has gone down tremendously. I recommend it to as many people as I can. It is such a blessing.

Amelia B

Sheila's Story.

Carol's video testimonial.

I am writing this testimonial to let others know of the results of my treatments with Neurolumen process developed by Shelly Henry and the wonderful relief I have received from my chronic pain symptoms.

My problems with chronic pain started primarily with my back surgery in 1988. Since that surgery I have suffered constant pain in my lower back radiating down my left leg into the bottom of my left foot. I have also experienced numbness from my left hip into the ball of my left foot. Since the surgery in 1988, I have had four more surgeries on my back including fusions and installation and removal of steel rods. None of these surgeries relieved any of the pain or numbness. In addition to the above back surgeries, I have had shoulder surgery, elbow surgery, and two knee replacements. These surgeries were required primarily due to my falling and injuring myself due to complications from the back surgeries.

I have tried many different approaches to relieving this pain and numbness. I have seen psychiatrists for counseling and coping skills such as biofeedback, relaxation, imagery, meditation and self hypnosis. I have attended a thirty day back clinic that also included extensive exercise programs, dietary and nutritional changes and stabilization techniques. I was treated with various injections including 90 shots of carocaine and glucose gel as well as cortisone injections at a later time. I have tried using a TENS unit with little relief. I have taken a wide variety of pain killers and muscle relaxers for over twenty two years with no real relief. After my last back examination, I was told that my best remaining hope of getting any relief from the chronic pain and numbness was to try neurostimulation therapy. This involves surgery and implanting a device by the spinal column with another controlling device worn on a belt near the implant. I could not try another surgery for something that I did not know would relieve my pain and numbness.

Due to the prescription pain relievers I had to take to get any relief, I had settled into a very unacceptable lifestyle. I could not think clearly or remember important dates. I was unable to perform routine chores such as cleaning house, cooking, washing dishes and doing laundry without extreme pain. I could not play with my grandchildren or attend any of their special events. I was unable to ride in a car for any length of time without making my pain worse. I had become a very irritable person who was intolerant with others who could not understand my chronic pain and how frustrating it was to be so limited.

In early May 2010, I was talking to my neighbor regarding my chronic pain and how frustrating it was to not be able to enjoy my grandchildren. She told me about Shelly Henry and of the relief both she and her husband had received after being treated by her. I discussed with my husband possible treatment with Shelly and prayed about it for almost a month before calling to schedule my first visit. After all the past disappointments with different treatments to try to get some relief from my chronic pain, I did not get my hopes up for any help.

I was first treated by Shelly on June 8, 2010 and have received additional treatments on June 10, 15, 22, and 24. The relief has been truly miraculous. After the first treatment on my back, leg, knee and foot, I received relief from my chronic pain and numbness. I was afraid to say anything to my husband, because the relief was so great that I did not think he would believe me. After the first treatment, I stopped taking my Tylenol 3 and Flexeril as they were not necessary. I had no pain. After my second treatment I was able to stop taking medicine for restless leg syndrome and have now discontinued Trazadone.

In addition to the pain relief, my life has become a joy to live again. I am able to do my share of the work around the house and have played with my grandchildren on their terms. I no longer have a pained expression due to all the pills. My husband says I look and act twenty years younger and that I have more energy than I have had in many years. He says my personality and whole outlook on life are now a joy to share. A different neighbor even asked me if I had a facelift. I can truly enjoy life again.

Shelly Henry is a Christian who truly cares about her patients' health. She instills confidence and trust with her honesty and professionalism. I have recommended treatment by Shelly to several of my friends who also suffer from chronic pain for different reasons. I would recommend Shelly and this treatment to anyone who suffers from chronic pain. It might not work for everyone, but my relief and the subsequent effects on my life have been truly a miracle.

Beverly L